Finding if there are subnets and/or subnet ranges to cover all your devices


with nac (DefaultIPGateway0, IPSubnet0)
as (
select distinct
  [CM_Supplemental].[dbo].[TruncateCommaDeliminatedIPData] (nac.DefaultIPGateway0)
, [CM_Supplemental].[dbo].[TruncateCommaDeliminatedIPData] (nac.IPSubnet0) from v_GS_NETWORK_ADAPTER_CONFIGUR nac where DefaultIPGateway0 is not null
select distinct
nac.DefaultIPGateway0, b1.[Value] Subnet, b2.[Value] [Subnet Range]
from nac
left join vSMS_Boundary b1 on
CM_Supplemental.dbo.ipstringtonumber (b1.Value) = CM_Supplemental.dbo.ipstringtonumber (nac.DefaultIPGateway0) & CM_Supplemental.dbo.ipstringtonumber (nac.IPSubnet0) and b1.BoundaryType = 0
left join BoundaryEx b2 on
CM_Supplemental.dbo.ipstringtonumber (nac.DefaultIPGateway0) between b2.NumericValueLow and b2.NumericValueHigh and b2.BoundaryType = 3
order by 1

Results look like:




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