Find user who used client push

The built in client push reports show when, but not who.

Using the client push logging table,



, cp.AssignedSiteCode

, cp.InitialRequestDate

, cp.Description

, cp.NumProcessAttempts

from v_CP_Machine cp

inner join v_R_System s on s.ResourceID = cp.MachineID

where s.Name0 = ‘SERVER1’

order by InitialRequestDate


Name AssignedSiteCode InitialRequestDate Description NumProcessAttempts
SERVER1 ABC 2017-03-06 16:12:35.867 Complete 1


Shows that client push was used to that server on 3/6/2017.

Checking the auditing table for that time,



, m.MessageID

, m.[Time]

, m.MachineName

, m.Component

, m.InsString1 UserName

, m.InsString2

from v_StatMsgWithInsStrings m

where m.[Time] between ‘2017-03-06 16:10:00.00’ and ‘2017-03-06 16:15:00.00’

and m.InsString2 = ‘SERVER1’


ModuleName MessageID Time MachineName Component UserName InsString2
SMS Provider 30108 2017-03-06 16:12:35.753 WABC123.INT.DOMAIN Microsoft.ConfigurationManagement.exe DOMAIN\UserName SERVER1



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