Incorrect Access Metering

There appears to be a bug in the metering of specific languages and what’s reported from the client.  Looking at the view vSMS_MeteredFiles, it joins three tables:

from vSMS_MeteredProductRule mr 
join SoftwareFile sf on (mr.FileName=sf.FileName or mr.OriginalFileName=sf.FileName) 
left join SoftwareProduct sp on sf.ProductId=sp.ProductId


With an “and” condition in the where clause of:
and (mr.LanguageID=sp.ProductLanguage or mr.LanguageID=65535)

The language ID field in the vSMS_MeteredProductRule view for msaccess.exe is “1033” which only matches two rows in the SoftwareProduct table.

I’ve built a report that pulls the filename from vSMS_MeteredProductRule view and uses it as a parameter in the following:

, s.Full_Domain_Name0
, s.Name0
, ru.[TimeStamp]
, ru.CompanyName0
, ru.ExplorerFileName0
, ru.FileDescription0
, ru.FileVersion0
, ru.FolderPath0
, ru.LastUserName0
from v_GS_CCM_RECENTLY_USED_APPS ru inner join v_R_System s on s.ResourceID = ru.ResourceID
where ExplorerFileName0 = @FileName
order by s.Full_Domain_Name0, s.Name0

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