Collections that have wildcard “%” prefixes in search strings


I find a lot of collection membership rules that people create 
that have wildcards where they are not needed, something like
DisplayName like '%QuickTime%'
This causes the collection evaluator to take longer to evaluate these rules.
I try to find them and when appropriate change them to something like
DisplayName like 'QuickTime%'
,datediff(ss,EvaluationStartTime,LastRefreshTime) as 'Evaluation time in seconds'
FROM [dbo].[v_Collections]
where --datediff(MINUTE, DATEADD(HH, DATEDIFF (hh, GETUTCDATE(),GETDATE()), EvaluationStartTime), getdate()) < 5 and SiteID not like 'SMS%' and
[SiteID] in (select CollectionID from v_CollectionRuleQuery where QueryExpression like '%''[%]%')
ORDER BY datediff(ss,EvaluationStartTime,LastRefreshTime)


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