Finding whether a task sequence can be run from a server

-- Using "ReferencePackageType = 257" to filter to OSD task sequences
, tsp.packageid
, tsp.Name
, tsp.Description
, case when a.packageid is not null then 'Missing Package(s)' else '' end as [Status]
from v_DistributionPoints dp
cross join v_tasksequencepackage tsp
inner join v_TaskSequenceReferencesInfo tsri on tsp.packageid = tsri.packageid and tsri.ReferencePackageType = 257
left join
select distinct
, tsp.packageid
from v_tasksequencepackage tsp
inner join v_TaskSequencePackageReferences tspr on tspr.packageid = tsp.packageid
inner join v_package p on p.packageid = tspr.RefPackageID
left join v_PackageStatusDistPointsSumm ps on ps.PackageID = tspr.RefPackageID
where InstallStatus <> 'Package Installation complete'
) a
on a.ServerNALPath = dp.NALPath and a.packageid = tsp.packageid
order by 1, 2

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